Tips for Bikers

This page contains information for other travelers. An overview of our experiences.


Here is an overview of stuff that we liked during our adventure.


  • YSS shocks. The two Tenere’s got their suspension changed. To keep the costs within limits we chose the YSS suspension ( Now writing after 3 months and over 10.000km on all sorts of roads we are really happy with it. The rear suspension can be adjusted with 60 clicks for optimum road of ofroad driving.
  • Heidenau K60 tyres. Very affordable good quality allroad tyres. Compared to the known brands are these ones quite cheap. Very good road and unpaved road experiences with them. Rear tyre did 14.000km, front 22.000km. Bought them via
  • Pirelli MT60 tyres. Similar frofile as the Heidenau. Easy to find in Latin America. Rear tyre held 16.500 km.
  • Netbook. We brought a 10 inch Acer netbook. Almost everywhere you’ll find wifi.
  • X-mini. The smallest speakers for your iPod with the best sound.
  • Ortlieb waterproof bag. Really big!

General TIPS:

  • Travel slow!!! Choose for quality, not quantity. First check how many time you have, and then decide what you want to ride. Travelling slow will make you see more of a country and see the real country. You then have time to take alternative routes, and stay in places where no one comes.
  • Ride slow. Well, not too slow. But, as you already decided to travel slow, you are not in a hurry. So, you don’t have to ride fast. The good thing is: less maintenance, you can see more, less chance of accidents, less chance of speeding and therefore less chance for corrupt cops to rip you of. Enjoy the ride. Stop a lot, take pictures and relax!
  • Films. Although there is enough to see and do during a trip, there will always be moments to kill. We watched quite some films on our netbook during the quiet evenings. Ofcourse we didn’t download them, because that is illegal, right? There is internet (WIFI) everywhere nowadays!