Buenos Aires

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

Although our last post sounded as if it was the end of our trip, it wasn’t.

After dusty Dakar we got into Brasil to visit our friends in Santa Maria. No other tourist would ever understand why we visited Santa Maria…….twice. It was not for the city but for the people.  We arrived thursday january 20. It was really nice to meet everyone again.  A few hours after we arrived we already joined a bachelors party.

We went to this place where they have the finest selection of  Brazilian….eh…..beers.

Rudy's beer

We blended in their social lives again and were taken from poolparty BBQ to lunch, for a bike ride, bars, another BBQ…

BBQ at Arturs place

Santa Maria

asado at Arno

We had a great time.

We left Santa Maria on monday (24th) and were now really underway to Buenos Aires. We crossed the border into Uruguay. It was very hot.

resting in the shade

In two days time we drove to the Argentinean border. In Mercedes we were stopped for an extra day because of bad weather.

Time to start realizing…. It was the last of everything. We hoped we had our last problem on the bike the day before. Roels chain jumped from his sprocket, during our last ride on a dirtroad. Mercedes was our last stop before B-A. For the last time we packed our bikes on thursday 27th. We crossed the border with our bikes for the last time and started our last 230km to B-A.

final gasstation

Filled her up for the last time. Buenos Aires here we come.

We were glad the roads were straight to B-A, so we could let our minds drift away for a bit. Overviewing the last year, memorizing highlights, people we met, our friendship, things that happened…..big contrasts.

A feeling of gratefulness was what we felt. Grateful for being able to do this….in good health, grateful we actually did it, grateful to go back home and meet all our friends and family. Grateful in every way.

arrived in San Telmo

We arrived in Buenos Aires and found a hostel in San Telmo neighbourhood. Buenos Aires is a fantastic city. Great european architecture, nice plazas, parks, and lots of restaurants.

lunch in Buenos Aires

nice architecture


Plaza de mayo

Plaza de mayo

Altough we went to some of the best meat restaurants we still think our own asados are the best. So we continued BBQ-ing. Steves solo check was a disaster, so he was set back to demo again. Meatknowlegde lessons and braaimeister demo…


We also had to make arrangements for our bikes. Selling or shipping? Shipping is incredibly expensive. Compared to the state of some bikes, maybe not worth it.

Besides that we are discovering the beauty of Buenos Aires. Strolling around through old neighborhoods. Napping in a park.

afternoon nap

La Boca

Colourful houses in La Boca.

La Boca

Watching street tango….

street tango

and showing that the Dutch tango is slightly different.

Dutch Tango

Watching the new Lionel Messi

the new Messi

We didn’t do any real touristy things…..

city tour

..like a citytour in an open bus.

Avenida 9 julio

We will enjoy our last days of warm weather, wines, meat and tango. Roel is the first to go home, followed by the rest. Roel arrives feb 8th at 18.30, Steve on feb 10th at 21.50 and Roger feb 12th at 10.30

street tango

We will soon post one final update with some statistics from this trip.

Hasta pronto. Hasta el Deugniet saturday 12 feb, 20.oo hrs, Amsterdam

un abrazo de Roel, Roger y Steve

Carlos Gardel – Por una cabeza