Rio Grande


Ok…imagine Brasil……………Got it?

Now imagine Oktoberfest.

And now…imagine Oktoberfest in Brasil. We were there……!!!!!

Oktoberfest Blumenau,Brasil

During the motor event in Santa Maria we heard about Oktoberfest in Blumenau. Apparently the second biggest in the world. So we made a plan to go there, not that it says anything in our case (making a plan). But some plans, you really don’t want to change.

On wednesday oct 13th we finally left Santa Maria, after having the greatest time there. We were supposed to catch up with Evandro who was expecting us in some eco-resort. It took us two days due to the rain to get there. We met him in a resort. There they had this nice worldmap, where we had a good overview of where we started, where we were and where we are going.

Houston, place we don't the name of and Ushuaia

Although Evandro “the smooth talker” arranged an 80% discount for us, we didn’t want to stay there. First of all, the jacuzzi and swimming pool were not at the right temperature.

1 degree too cold

half degree celcius too cold

And second, even with this discount the price was still way above our budget. So we decided to continue through the very nice landscape in this part of Brasil.

great views

We ended in Urubici, where we stopped at the local fire station. Evandro did some smooth talking and before we knew it, we were invited for diner and were allowed to sleep in the classroom.

diner at fire station

Again we experienced the greatest hospitality. What a nice country…


Sweet dreams

New friends

Next morning (sat 16 oct) we drove the final part to Blumenau. Very nice views again.

great views

We followed the smell of beer to Vila Germanica…..and there we entered heaven.


Brasilian Oktoberfest…. We found a campsite at walking distance in town. And ofcourse, because we were Dutch and nice people, we only had to pay for one night and could stay as long as we wanted for free after that.


How can Brasilians make any money if they give us everything for free. We could use this not-spent-money wisely……


As if we were in Bayern. Lederhosen, Biergarten und Frankfurters everywhere. Tens of thousands of people that Saturday night…..Un-f*cking-believable!!!!

Bier und wurst


Oktoberfest mädchen

pretty crowded

Sunday there wasn’t something else to do, so we oktoberfested a little more.

Tiroler Musik

Neue Oktoberfest Mädchen


On monday Roel and Steve had to find a workshop to get new chains and sprockets. They were really worn and we had to change these before leaving. Evandro really helped us finding a Yamaha dealer, translating and talking. Cause, again, in the end we only had to pay about 25% of the total price and even got a new battery for free.

Yamaha dealer friends

Tuesday we left the campsite and went to Florianopolis. After the Pacific and the Caribbean, this was the fist time we saw the Atlantic this trip.

the Atlantic


We spent three nights in the great hostel Backpackers Sunset. You know why it is called like that?

View from the hostel

We spent some days chilling and enjoying the sun and enjoying proper internet to call friends and family.

Skyping, chatting, emailing, photos

Friday 22 October we really had to head south. It is time to leave Brasil and enter Uruguay. We easily could have stayed our remaining time in Brasil, but also want to see some of the rest of South America. Decisions, decisions….. but for sure we will come back one day to enjoy and discover more of this incredibly friendly country.

Evandro, thanks for all the translating and stuff. We had a good time! Rest of Brasil, thanks for being you!


Chao Brasil, Hola Uruguay

Brasiiiiiil, lalalalalalalalaaaa, lalalalalalalalaaaa, lalalalalalalalaaaa, lala, Brasiiiiiil…..

Santa Maria

Brasil….great people, great BBQ, greatest hospitality!

We crossed the Brasilian border Wednesday 6 of October at Foz do Iguacu. After 8 months Spanish, we now had to get used to the Portugese language. Pretty difficult. The same day we visited the Iguacu falls, impressive waterfalls at the Brasil-Argentine border.

Iguacu falls

Iguacu falls

Iguacu falls
A lot of people we meet always ask where we are going. When we say “south”, it is mostly not a satisfying answer. Even mentioning Ushuaia, still being thousands of kilometers away isn’t satisfying.  So, then we mention a city where we are going. But even then, people want to know what is next. They just don’t understand that we don’t know where we are going. And even if we know, our plans change as much as women change clothes. To give an example:
When we were in Foz, we decided to go to Sao Paolo. The next day we decided not to do it and go to Florianopolis. So that’s what we did. Along the way we spent the night in Barracao. After some kilometers (after leaving this village)  we changed our plan and decided to go to Porto Alegre, so we took the turn. People can call it indecisiveness, but somehow this way of doing things brings us the best experiences. Like this time.

LAMA Uruguay

Because, after we took the turn we met some Uruguayan bikers (L.A.M.A.). They were going to Santa Maria, because there was a big biker event with thousands of bikers. So…ofcourse, we changed our plan…..again and went with them.

meeting LAMA members

It was a long day. Had problems on Uruguayan bikes and on Roels we arrived in darkness in the rain in Santa Maria at the bikers meeting. From the moment we arrived we were treated like rockstars!!

Motor event

For sure we travelled most kilometers to get there (over 25.000km now),  but we didn’t expect this.

leather boys

TV interview

A lot of pictures, interview, meeting new friends, a few beers and we even met the only Brasilian guy who already knew our website (Evandro). We spent two nights in the parking lot campsite.

new friends

the silent campsite

everyone wanted to take a picture with us......ofcourse

On Sunday we were invited for a BBQ at Arno’s place, who we met at the event.

Lunch with Arno's family

Great BBQ, Great people. They also brought us to an airshow.


We had a special request for the pilots… For the ladies and mothers back home…

for the ladies

It was already late after that, so we were invited to stay at Arno’s place. Next morning a great breakfast and all our laundry was done! Unbelievable…
Monday we were brought to a mechanic shop to get some problems fixed (Roels carb, Steve’s battery). Artur and Buzina (also from the event) drove us around to find the best and cheapest spares and bought us lunch. All day long people were working on the bikes, trying to find the problem. It was too late, so we were invited in Croco’s place to spend the night and were invited for another BBQ by Artur in bar (moto garage).

BBQ at Arturs bar

Wow, Brazilian meat is the best!

having fun in Santa Maria

Tuesday morning, with good hope, we went to the mechanic shop again. They found out that it was something with the carburetor, so Buzina GAVE the carb of his XT600 !!! It ran better on this one and we actually left. But not for long. We returned….it was still a bad running machine. By the time they adjusted the carb, again it was too late to leave. It looked like some higher power really wanted us to stay in Santa Maria. Again, we could spend the night at someones place (Artur this time) and again we were invited for a BBQ, football and beers. Arturs kid was banned from his room and we slept like babies.

Football with Arturs friends


Roel slept like a baby

Even his dogs (Tom and Milo) were offering their houses.

Tom & Milo

All this waiting in the mechanic shop, we tried to use our time wisely. I didn’t even ask for it, but before I knew I was using someones internet to work on the website.

using internet

Although we just spent a few days in Santa Maria, it felt like we made some friends for life. South Brasil is treating us really great. We love it.

So,,,what’s next? We already left Santa Maria, but why should we tell what’s next….it will change for sure. The plan is: there is no plan.

Thanks Arno, Fabiano and family, Artur and family and friends, Buzina, Croco, the mechanic shop Moto Garage and all the ones we forgot. You made our stay really unforgettable.


We will make sure that Holland will let you guys win during the next football game…but for now, we still enjoy the last 2-1 victory.


Ciudad del Este

Paraguay…todo tranquilo

Paraguay the unknown country of South America. Well, what is there to say. It’s just the way it is. Very laidback, with very friendly people.

Sunday september 26, we left Bolivia. We left early that morning from Villamontes because the border was still about 100km away. The road to the border was partially paved, but the nice paved part was blocked because there was roadwork. Except for sunday ofcourse. We were pigheaded and decided to take the paved road.


Every few kilometer there was a roadblock, which we could avoid with our bikes.

Some were easy,


some were less easy….apparently

Less easy

Distracted by his new tractor sound, Roel thought for a minute that he was driving a John Deere…

Werk aan de winkel

It was a nice goodbye to Bolivia with all its dirtroads.

I made it

One more time….stuck

Stuck in the sand

Finally we reached the border and entered Paraguay.


We had to drive another few hours to reach the first town (where also customs and immigration was). And as if the day wasn’t already long enough, we had 4 flat tyres in total that day on the shittiest road.

Four flat tyres in one day

We arrived Marechal in darkness. It was a long hot day.

Next morning, we did the paperwork and drove to Filadelfia. So far Paraguay is as flat as Holland with long straight roads…….booooooooring. The western part of Paraguay consists of a lot of German mennonites settlements, with very Paraguayan names like Blumengart, Fernheim und Laubenheim. The biggest of these settlements is Filadelfia, a big Texas-like village where we ate schnitzel mit spätzl. Da könnten wir auch unsere Deutsche sprache ein bisschen üben.


Skype with family

Wednesday, 29th we left little Germany and drove to Concepcion. Again, long distant roads and flat flat flat. Pretty laidback Concepcion, but then again, what is there to do. Maybe that’s the reason that no one knows anything about Paraguay, there is just not much to do. Probably a place where you should go, when the doctor tells you to relax immediately. We couldn’t even use our mobiles… tip for the blackberry-addicted stressed smoking managers. Concepcion would also be trainheaven for Roels dad.

look daddy I'm gonna be a chauffeur

After Concepcion, we headed towards the capital Asuncion. Same story. The place is even so laidback that poor and rich live right next to each other. Homeless people were living in front of our hotel on the square.

homeless people

Same thing next to the fancy government buildings.


October 1 we celebrated Roels B-day.

Sunday october third, we drove to Coronel Oviedo where we did some maintenance on the bikes, while it was raining. Proper planning.

Today we reached Ciudad del Este, at the border with Brasil. We will do a short stay in Brasil on our way to Uruguay. Really looking forward to see some real Brazilian beaches…

Ok amigos, keep you posted. Thanx for all the comments again.

Auf wiedersehen.