“It’s better to travel one mile than to read a thousand books.”
Confucius (551-479 BC).

We are the Dutch dangleberries, three friends with a passion for travelling and motorbikes, we are going to Latin America to see if this man was right.

A gentleman's journey motorvakantie Roel

In 2005 the idea was born to make a long journey. We then joined the Plymouth-Dakar Challenge. As “The Dutch Dangleberries” we’ve travelled through the Sahara in a 20 year old Ford Sierra towing a 30 year old tent trailer.

Since then, a combination of travelling, friendship and passion for motorbikes came together and grew to an ultimate plan: South and Central-America in a year on a bike.

Here you can find the who, what, when and why. We’ll try to update our website as much as possible with new posts. The traveldiary posts you’ll find on the left and you can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest posts.

On the calendar you can see when the last update was done, by clicking on the marked dates. Although started in English, this website will probably be bi-lingual. So if you’ll find any text which you don’t understand, it’ll probably be Dutch. If not: excuse our English!